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Bamboo Bubby Bag (SMART 100)


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Bamboo Bubby Bag (SA)

This innovation initially came to life when…

My son was diagnosed with severe eczema at the same time he learned to roll and could no longer be wrapped or swaddled safely to protect his skin. We then resorted to baby one-suit outfits with hand-covers, but these also stop being made with this most useful feature at size 00-0.

Distraught and sleep-deprived from being kept awake night after night from incessant scratching and skin damage, I designed the first Bamboo Bubby sleeping bag and it worked!


The purpose of this innovation is to…

Stop damage caused by scratching throughout a baby or toddler’s entire first 2-3 years, saving parents money as well as providing a good night’s sleep for the whole family.

It does this by…

Featuring a unique Adjust-a-Sleeve™ design that can grow with the baby or toddler from sizes 000-2+ and being made of the softest bamboo/organic cotton blend fabric, protecting delicate baby skin against scratching, providing dry protection and optimal safety for a good night’s sleep, for everyone.


This innovation improves on what came before because…

There is no other baby sleeping bag on the market with an adjustable sleeve design that can grow with the baby or toddler. Every other brand of baby sleep suit with mittens stops being manufactured at size 00-0, while mittens/hand-covers and other baby sleeping bags are usually sleeveless or swaddle-type, providing no protection for the eczema baby/toddler who can roll.

Its various benefits to the customer/end-user include…

  • A good night’s sleep.
  • Stops skin damage from scratching.
  • Discourages thumb sucking and skin damage.
  • Allows skin to heal.
  • Safe for rolling babies.
  • Use in all seasons.
  • One size saves money.
  • Keeps hands warm.
  • Easy nighttime changes.
  • Cot linen alternative.


In the past, this problem was solved by…

Either wrapping/swaddling babies past when it is considered safe to do so (long after they have learnt to roll) or by trying various ineffective methods to stop scratching including mittens, sewing them onto garments or other specialist eczema clothing which only ever come in one size, requiring frequent updating at much cost.

Its predecessors/competitors include…

There is no other baby sleeping bag which is a direct competitor for Bamboo Bubby; however there are specialist eczema clothing products, but these are only available in individual sizes, requiring frequent updating at much cost.


It is made for…

Babies or toddlers aged 0-3 years of age who suffer from eczema or dermatitis and as eczema prevalence is on the rise, approximately 20% of these ages are now likely to be affected. This Means the target market is large, especially here in Australia where we have one of the highest prevalence rates.

Bamboo Bubby Bag has also been used to discourage chronic thumb sucking and for other sensitive skin irritations or conditions such as chicken pox.

The target market is parents (mainly mothers) aged 20-40 (with a 25-35 skew) who have babies or toddlers afflicted with the above criteria.


It is available for sale through…

The Bamboo Bubby e-commerce store at www.bamboobubby.com.au. There has been much interest from potential wholesale partners in the US, Canada, UK, Japan and Malaysia.

Our marketing strategy is to…

Target the market online through SEO and Google advertisements while at the same time utilising the strong social media following the brand has developed into an empathetic mum-to-mum brand. Linking with relevant blogs, review sites and print publications is also part of the marketing strategy, along with utilising email and referral marketing funnels consistently being promoted both online and offline.



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