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HealthKit (SMART 100)


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HealthKit (VIC)

This innovation initially came to life when…

We realised our Australian software for doctors and patients could easily be used by doctors and patients all over the world, and in the process help to solve the world’s biggest health problems! We know our software for patients helps the two-thirds of patients who need treatment but don’t receive it, and we know that doctors using our software could treat up to five more patients a day if they use the software. We wanted to take our service to the world, and do so for free.


The purpose of this innovation is to…

Build the largest health data set in the world, and use data securely and anonymously to solve the world’s biggest health problems, as health informatics – the science behind it – has more potential to save lives than drug innovations.

It does this by…

  1. Providing the world’s easiest practice management software for doctors…and providing it for free.
  2. Providing searchable doctor directories and clinical tools for patients that integrate with doctors’ software to make treatment more effective and efficient.
  3. Analysing health data (while protecting privacy) to build clinical algorithms that improve treatment for patients and for whole populations.


This innovation improves on what came before because…

Our doctors’ software is the world’s easiest to use, is cloud-based and free, rather than costing $5,000 and needing 15 hours’ training like previous software.

Patients use clinical methods, not just friends, to find doctors, and rural patients are treated using webcams rather than foregoing treatment.

Researchers relied on small trials whereas now they easily analyse data to cure diseases.

Its various benefits to the customer/end-user include…

Doctors save an hour a day in administration and save $20,000 per annum. Patient treatment is 20% faster and online consultations overcome rural patients’ four-years-less life expectancy. We make curing diseases easier and faster and we’re doing it globally.


In the past, this problem was solved by…

  1. For doctors, using paper processes – still used by 90% of doctors globally – or paying for expensive software that wasn’t web-based;
  2. Relying on friends’ limited recommendations for doctors, and not having real mechanisms to track health at all;
  3. For researchers, relying on small limited trials whereas HealthKit uses global data to cure diseases.

Its predecessors/competitors include…

For doctors, paper and pen (!) or cumbersome, expensive, limited software. For patients, friends to find doctors, without knowing doctors’ capabilities. For researchers, limited trials that the science of health informatics that HealthKit is based on supplements and often supersedes.


It is made for…

Doctors, patients and people everywhere! Globally, health is the last industry to be digitised and only 10% of doctors use software (as it’s been so difficult and expensive), yet within five years most will. Our global software is the world’s easiest to use and free and already on the global stage able to be used by every doctor everywhere. Over 60% of people search the Internet for health information each month. Our clinically-based tools help people track their health and share assessments with doctors, making treatment 20% more effective, while helping improve population health globally through health data analytics.


It is available for sale through…

The Internet for doctors and patients, in a secure portal, with data accessed only in an approved, anonymised form to protect privacy. Being cloud-based means our software is set up in seconds anywhere in the world, all free of charge.

Our marketing strategy is to…

Make our software free for doctors and patients, which overcomes barriers preventing doctors using software and patients truly understanding their health. Health funds and drug companies benefit from the clinical algorithms, and are the ultimate payers. We’ve forged relationships with professional associations in Australia and internationally to ensure our software is (and is perceived to be) clinically based and effective.



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