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Victorious Scrubba Wash Bag cleans out the competition in 2012's SMART 100

This one is for the backpacker in all of us. That sun-kissed specimen who treads lightly on the surface of the globe, travelling with little luggage and luxury... albeit often at the expense of personal hygiene. Ashley Newland faced the usual dilemma before undertaking a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro. He came up with a solution that would allow for effective laundry washing while on the road. Behold the Scrubba Wash Bag -- an innovation whose design, efficiency and progressive vision have earned it this year's highest honour in the Anthill SMART 100.

Synaptor Observations (SMART 100)

A large consulting client asked us to build yet another mind-numbingly boring and inadequate paper-based safety tool. Enough is enough, we decided. We founded Synaptor to free workers from the tedium of OHS paperwork and to enable supervisors to manage risk in real time.

Building Site Safety Game (SMART 100)

We have been working to help solve training issues in the construction industry by breaking down barriers. This market is experiencing a skills shortage impinged further by more stringent building licensing requirements. This initiative was developed to assist in the experiential learning of safety risks in a construction environment. It also allowed people to learn anywhere, anytime and capitalised on the massive growth of tablets and smartphones.

PaperAct Electronic Filing Cabinet (SMART 100)

Document filing practices (physical and electronic) don’t take into account the current need of consolidating all your online and offline filing systems. Businesses are “forced” to use and maintain separate filing systems while spending wasted hours in searching for files and documents. PaperAct incorporates your paper documents, important e-mails, attachments and faxes, securely filing all your documents so you never have to waste time or money searching through filing cabinets again.

DriftProof Sprayer (SMART 100)

Technigro CEO Nick Bloor realised that traditional commercial boom sprayers -- which are unuseable in even moderate winds -- created a lack of predictability for when our spraying activities could be carried out and, ergo, a lack of predictability for our clients. He therefore put the challenge to Technigro's R&D department to develop a solution that would allow spraying to be undertaken in all kinds of weather conditions, and thus make it easier to let clients know when work would be carried out.

Tibouchina Fantasy Flowers (SMART 100)

A dedicated plant breeder in Queensland joined forces with horticultural marketing company. Over 20 years in the making, Tibouchina Fantasy Flowers Collection represents true innovation in horticulture. An investment of passion, time and energy coupled with breakthrough pollination and propagation techniques have delivered one of most successful plant collections seen in modern times. (SMART 100)

The purpose of this innovation is to change the way channels to market (supply chains) work to give everyone in the channel -- Manufacturer, Distributor, Reseller or End User -- equal access to a single source of truth (think Facebook for channels).

Mozo Travel Money Hub (SMART 100)

One of our community members asked us, "What's the best way to access money while overseas?" We didn't know the answer and immediately put the Mozo Rate Chasers on the task to find out. Within eight weeks of being asked that question, the Mozo Travel Money Hub was born. That person got the answer they needed for their trip and now everyone else going overseas can too.

Scrubba Wash Bag (SMART 100)

Ashley Newland was preparing for a trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. He realised that with all his cold weather and camping gear he would only be able to take a few changes of clothing and would have to wash them regularly. While waterproof bags can be used to soak clothing, they lack efficiency. It was then that he had the revelation that washboards have been around for centuries and they work!

Microcell Arrays (SMART 100)

We realised that we could not track the position of certain types of biological cells for more then one hour without losing sight of them under the microscope. The research that was being conducted relied on infecting a specific cell then waiting for 3-5 days to see if the cell was infected, died, divided or nothing happened. Microcell Arrays allows the cells to be placed under a microscope multiple times over multiple days and you know exactly which cells you are tracking without having to rely on assumptions and statistics.

Inspection Apps (SMART 100)

Two innovators from Cairns established a statewide pool fence inspection business. A customised iPhone app and a bespoke database for managing the inspections was designed and developed. After 14 months and 3,500 inspections, the app achieved highly efficient outcomes. A team of 30 inspectors was managed by a single support person...but why limit this to pool fence inspections?

USA Parcel Forwarding (SMART 100)

Until USA Parcel Forwarding, Australians faced the problem of trying to buy goods from U.S. stores that would not ship overseas or had unreasonable shipping costs. Our innovation has given Australians easy access to the range and low prices of America’s online retail market.

Know the Game (SMART 100)

Having spent close to two decades working in the male-dominated corporate arena of investment banking and professional services, I recognise sport is a key way to build rapport with colleagues, clients and senior executives. The Australian culture is pervaded by sport and for those who have not grown up watching or playing Australian sports it can be difficult to engage with others, particularly when much of our corporate networking and social interaction relates to sport.

StyleRocks Online Jewellery Designer (SMART 100)

I was frustrated by not being able to create jewellery exactly as I wanted it. I went online and couldn't find anything to buy -- I found myself wanting to customise the jewellery I saw to make it right for me. I didn't have the energy -- or money -- to have something made at a jewellers. We left it...until I saw the Shoes of Prey website and thought, "This is what I need -- but for jewellery!"

Tapestry (SMART 100)

Co-founders Andrew Dowling and Jay Teborek met while studying in Beijing. There, in an engagement with advisors to the Chinese government on macroeconomic policy, they came face to face with what is the biggest demographic trend in human history, one that will transform industries, governments and societies over the coming decades: the ageing population.

iPledg Crowd Funding Platform (SMART 100)

Andy and I (the co-founders) were both on a Mentoring For Growth Panel and met afterward to discuss how we could fill the gaps at the bottom rungs of the funding ladder that made it so hard for businesses, creative individuals, charities and community groups to get funding for their great ideas and aspirations.

Sterling and Hyde Custom (SMART 100)

Sterling and Hyde Custom is a new bespoke shopping experience where women can create their own dream leather handbag. A range of designs, leather types and colours enable millions of possibilities, ensuring that elusive perfect handbag becomes a reality. We use softest sheepskins, colourful suedes and hardy cow leathers to create a handbag which is not only functional but individually yours.

Pepperstone Razor Forex Trading Account (SMART 100)

Pepperstone created an electronic network linking the trading floors of 22 banking institutions together. Previously linked by primitive systems or phone networks, we noticed a gap in the marketplace for fast and affordable electronic foreign exchange trading. Taking pride in passing all cost savings through to our clients we broke the industry mold and offered some of the lowest commission charges in the industry.

Stop Motion Fun (SMART 100)

There was a gap in the event industry for a new digital and innovative product. This was certainly the answer and has received fantastic feedback! Discovered when using a flip book at an event, we have developed a digital, adaptable version, to allow clients to customise and create branding opportunities and fun at an event.

Baby Ink (SMART 100)

The founder of Baby Ink, Melinda Weaver, had children and noticed an opportunity in the market for a keepsake product that is easily accessible, easy to use and affordable. Not wanting to use ink or an unsafe product for a baby, the need for a baby-safe, non-toxic keepsake product was evident. Melinda also wanted to celebrate the sex of her baby by using a blue-colour inkless product for her baby boy. Seeing huge potential in the market Baby Ink was born!
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