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Your votes are in. So what was Australia's dumbest business decision for 2009?


Before the holiday break, we asked our readers to help us assemble our annual Dumb Report, a selection of Australian goofs, gaffs and groaners from the worlds of business, politics, media and marketing in 2009.

Following a reader vote (and 2,321 pageviews), these are the results:

TOP 10 (inc. percentage of votes)

  1. iSnack 2.Doh! (29%)
  2. Westpac, banana smoothies and Gail ‘Black Knight’ Kelly (23.7%)
  3. Mars gets smaller… for your health (9.9%)
  4. Ute Gate, Budgie-Smugglers and Embattled Libs (9.9%)
  5. Anyone who takes this too seriously (7.6%)
  6. Virgin Blue’s Black Friday (6.1%)
  7. Storm Financial founders under dark cloud (6.1%)
  8. Hey Hey, It’s Jackson Jive (3.8%)
  9. Big brands social media #FAIL (2.3%)
  10. Myer float… Dumb for whom? (1.5%)

Clearly, iSnack 2.0 and Westpac’s banana smoothies left a strange taste in your mouth, while Mars and the Liberal Party delivered a wrong’un with their spin. Readers who don’t take the world too seriously agreed with our pre-emptive request (to not take the report too seriously), while Virgin’s black email generated enough annoyance to equal the sinking of Storm. Jackson Jive shimmied in to score your number eight vote, while the social media attempts of the big brands to attract your clicks failed to inspire you (once again). The Myer float scored the least votes at number 10 (perhaps due to the number of people who now own their own special parcel of this prestigious accolade).

That’s it folks for 2009.

If you witness (or even contribute to) any mind-boggling, eyeball-popping business blunders in the year ahead, don’t forget to let us know info [at] australiananthill [dot] com, as we begin to rack up our Dumb Report for 2010!