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The Fibonacci Clock that everyone needs! [VIDEO]


This is a cracking product currently raising funds on Kickstarter.

And, it’s one of the geekiest clock imaginable. Rather than numbers, it uses the Fibonacci sequence to display time in a new way.

And, until you get used to it, it’s a kin to being able to read Gallifreyan or Klingon without a translation kit!

What you need to do, is some math, in your head when you see the colour panels alight. That’s how you tell the time.

What began as a quest to raise $5,000 has suddenly skyrocketed and is heading towards $80,000 with just under a month to run.

And, if you find that the math is all a bit much, then it will still make a spectacular lamp.

Do I want one? Hell yes!

The making of the Fibonacci clock


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