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Cowards & Giants: a crazy idea that may change how we make movies [VIDEO]


Cowards & Giants – it sounds like just another week in Australian talkback radio.

But, it’s not.

It’s an idea for a story for children, developed by two mates, Mat and Tom. The idea is to use the power of the internet to create a movie.

There’s a rough plot, some characters and an overall design in mind but, really, the rest is up for grabs.

Plus, they’re looking for people who are interested in helping with the character and plot development, and pretty much every other aspect of making the movie.

Crazy? Possibly. But it might just be your kind of crazy. And, let’s face it, crazier ideas have worked.

So, Anthillians, if you have a burning passion write a theme tune, sing a theme tune, perhaps not like Dennis Waterman in Little Britain, then Mat & Tom are looking for you.

Cowards & Giants: first trailer

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