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Create a marketing campaign in 60 seconds


Stuck for an idea for your next marketing campaign? Short on the cash to fund it?
Pick a card.

Elaborate professional marketing is mostly out of bounds for startups and SMEs. While many resources are available to the small business owner, it often come down a question of available time. This is where a novel product from Australian-based marketing company ChildsPlay Marketing can come in handy.

ChildsPlay Marketing Cards comprises three decks of cards and 125,000 marketing ideas. The first deck helps you identify a target audience. The second proposes possible promos, sales and services. And the third suggests communication vehicles.

This might appear a little too un-scientific to create a mind-blowing, knock-their-socks-off marketing campaign, but it could well help you break through those marketing mental block moments while still keeping all those other business balls in the air.