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The Centre for Selfie Improvement: A cracking good ad from Dell [VIDEO]


I will admit I am not partial to the selfie. In fact, I hate having my photograph taken.

I think I have taken maybe three selfies in my entire life. Two were with my daughter, just for kicks. The other one was this past weekend when, stuck in torrential rain in Melbourne’s winter onslaught, I decided I should use the hood on my overcoat. I realised that, as my overcoat is chocolate brown, it looked a little bit Jedi. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Needless to say, that post was a hit on Facebook with my friends.

But, Dell understands that I’m not the regular customer. That most people take selfies because they can. Smartphones and tablets have enabled a whole new way to fill social media with ridiculous photos, including mine in Jedi garb.

This is a very funny ad that Dell has made to promote Intel technology, selfies and tablets.

You’ll see unfortunates with permanent selfie-arm. There’s a granny with guns of steel from using the old tech cameras of her generation. In short, it’s a cracker of an ad. Enjoy.

Centre for Selfie Improvement


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