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Shake The World, share the water with new app [VIDEO]


If you haven’t heard by now, you might be surprised to know that 700 million people do not have access to water. 

Now there’s an app that changes that’s shaking up the flow of water, in a more literal way than you might think.

Simply download the app, which is aptly named Shake The World, install it, begin shaking your phone and keep on shaking until your phone fills with water (well, a tall glass on the app’s graphics fills). 

When it’s full, the app’s developers,  Buy1GIVE1, make sure someone in need gets access to pure, life-saving water for a day.

Water: free and clear

It’s never been simpler. And it’s free for you to make it happen. Then you get a congratulatory message and you share what you’ve done with the in-app ‘Share’ buttons. 

To complete your next shake, you will need to enlist a friend first through a simple friend ID process. Both you and your friend will have to shake your phones…and the process repeats. 

This initiative is a new one from Buy1Give1 know as B1G1: Business for Good. And each ‘water shake’ is sponsored by a host of B1G1’s small business clients around the world. 

Together, those clients using the B1G1 platform have made possible 44,700,000 giving impacts around the world (see more below). The Shake The World App will add many more. 

Users of the new App also have the chance to ‘make wishes’ — a wish that, in and of itself, is consistent with the B1G1 philosophy. It might be something like ‘Every time I dine out, I wish that a child in need could have a nutritious meal’, or ‘every time I jump in my car, I wish that a child in need had access to a bicycle to get to school’. 

Find Shake The World in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Shake the World explainer video