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Anthill dropped its knickers last week. With your help, we're hoping to get a rise.


Last Monday, we announced that we would soon be added to the Nielsen Online ratings system.

As we said at the time, we’re dropping our digital knickers for all the marketing world to see and called on you (our readers) to spread the word on our behalf.

Our first month on the system will obviously be an important one and we want to make a good first impression. (Advertisers and sponsors not only keep Anthill free, they love reading statistics that demonstrate traffic growth.)

On Wednesday 5 August 2009, we appeared on the system for the first time.

And here’s the great news!

Thanks to your passion for Anthill, your hard work spruiking the virtues of Anthill to your personal networks, we debuted as one of the Top 50 Business & Finance sites in Australia, according to Nielsen’s Business & Finance Index.

This is very pleasing news indeed.

Nielsen ranks websites by the number of unique browsers (UBs) each site attracts, each day, averaged over a rolling month.

By way of comparison, commbank.com.au (home of the popular ComSec trading platform) takes out the number one spot. The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) comes in at number two. SMH (Business), news.com.au (Business) and The Age (Business) are each in the Top 10.

As for Anthill? Well, it’s early days. We debuted at a very respectable 48.

Because our ranking was only based on one week of traffic – an admirable start that we’d obviously like to build on – this number might go up or down, depending on how we perform over the next month.

But with your help, we hope to battle our way up the list.

And, naturally, we’ll keep you in the loop.

As announced in our initial post, we plan to release a series of short videos on how you can use the various social networking tools throughout the site to help spread the word (share and delight your friends, colleagues, employees and seniors).

If you are a frequent user of social media, these might seem a tad simplistic. And please excuse the nasally, over-enunciating narrator (moi). I have a cold (and perhaps over-compensated).

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