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Calling all Anthillians. We need your help!


This month, Anthill Online is being added to the Nielsen Online ratings system.

What is the Nielsen Online ratings system? According to the brochure, it’s…

“…an independent measurement and analysis of online audiences. [It] enables clients to make informed business decisions regarding their Internet, digital and marketing strategies.”

In short, we’re putting ourselves out there, dropping our digital knickers for all the marketing world to see.

Our advertisers and sponsors help keep Anthill free. They help us build more tunnels of content and erect new hives of activity. Advertisers and sponsors love reading statistics that demonstrate traffic growth and now they’ll have their magnifying glasses at the ready (in a good way, of course).

This month (our first month on the system) will obviously be an important one. We’d like to make a good first impression.

unclesamwantyou_270x190And this is where we need your help!

To help us build your community, we invite you to make use of one of the social networking channels below. If that sounds a little frightening (if you’re a social networking virgin), don’t worry. Over coming days, we will be releasing short videos on how each of these works – From Facebook to Twitter, from LinkedIn to StumbleUpon.

If you have your own networks and channels, we invite you to spread the word about Anthill your own way and inform your entrepreneurial colleagues, contacts and clients about the value you get from Anthill’s unconventional approach to business reporting, about the various initiatives and tools we use to educate and inform, about our not-so-hidden agenda to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Australia.

We invite you to…

rss-iconFollow our Feed.

newslettter-iconSign-Up to our Newsletter.

linkedin-iconLove us at LinkedIn.

facebook-iconBecome our friends on Facebook.

twitter-iconTwitter along with us @anthillmagazine

stumbleupon-iconAnd StumbleUpon our stories.

To put a new spin on an old expression, the buck starts here.

Anthill Army, we’re not ashamed to ask. We need you!

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