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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Management Matters

Management Matters
News, opinions and advice on managing business systems and people.

Whereas CFOs have always been considered financial gatekeepers of organisations, the role of the modern day CFO has new demands that require clarification.

For most employers, staff scheduling is an ever-present drag. And it’s safe to say that without a strategy in place, most managers will face inevitable headaches.

Business adviser Lauren Fried examines the important issue of employee retention and shares her tips to keeping staff motivated and productive.

Happy HR, designed in Melbourne specifically for Australian businesses, is out to become the world’s most efficient HR and performance management platform

One of the biggest challenges facing SMBs is managing cost. No wonder many baulk at the notion of approaching a recruitment firm to help with staffing

So, you've probably heard of Cold-Calling, right? That's when you call strangers and pitch your product and service. And, for a long-time, this actually worked. (It's...

How to keep your people motivated and energetic. "Short, simple... powerful!"

You’ve seen it before - the ‘motivational’ speaker who climbed a mountain and thinks their success is relevant to yours. But is it really relevant to you?

New studies show that a CBD address and a fixed landline will triple a small business' prospective market unlike those that advertise only a mobile number

Cyber security expert Brett Williams shares how to avoid becoming the victim of the latest ransomware attack and having to give in to cyber extortion

New research reveals that by applying digital remedies to precisely targeted process areas, organisations can relieve operational stress and generate growth

Technology is changing the way we work, communicate, relate and above all the way we live. Work happens during, before and after the real work hours

Monica Rosenfeld, Founder and MD of WordStorm PR, shares 5 tips on keeping a happy culture in the workplace despite people moving on and new ones joining

Most companies and individuals understand the power & value of giving and receiving feedback yet we still avoid it, says communication expert Georgia Murch

Diversity and inclusion experts, SeventeenHundred recently called for Australia’s corporate leaders to look beyond women to the everyday professional female

Sean Clark is the founder of Canada’s insanely successful online shoe retailer, In five short years, Clark has propelled from a one-man start-up...

More Aussie SMEs are focusing on employee outputs rather than time spent in the office yet few training their managers specially to supervise remote workers

Coworking is all the rage nowadays because it has been found that shared or flexible working spaces can greatly benefit SMEs, freelancers and start-ups

More than half of all working women in Australia say they have been discriminated against purely because they are a mother according to FlexCareers research

Australian workers are looking to maximise their free time in 2016 by outsourcing household chores and opting for flexibility of work hours over more pay




Over the past few years, the slow cooker (a.k.a crock pot) has made a comeback as the kitchen appliance of choice for time, energy...


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