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Duct tape. Is it the best thing ever invented? It’s essential to one woman’s dream [VIDEO]


Did you know that every year Henkel, the makers of Duck Brand duct tape, runs a competition. It awards a cash for a college scholarship to the best prom outfit made of duct tape. True story!

Duct tape is almost the perfect product. You can use it for almost anything. It’s used far beyond what it was originally intended for — sealing ammunition cases in World War II.

Duct tape actually helps stop wear on the steel poles that hold up the Brooklyn Bridge.

Duct tape is also giving one woman a chance to experience her dream. Pascale Honore was severely injured in a car accident. She became a T4 paraplegic. But, her dream was to surf.

Tyson Swan decided that he could make that happen for her. While he has tried all sorts of harnesses, it is duct tape that works best. Quite simply, he duct tapes Pascale to his back and they go surfing.

Pascale is now out to raise funds on Pozible, so that she can have a ‘legless Summer of surfing’.

This is one dream that every entrepreneur should embrace. One where dreams can be achieved, regardless of limitation and hurdles thrown in the way.

Watch this remarkable story.

Set some goals and go make some good happen.

Duct tape surfing

Duct Tape Surfing from Mark Tipple on Vimeo.