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You have 90 seconds to pitch. GO!


If you were given the opportunity to stand up for 90 seconds and pitch your company to a panel of angel investors and a raucous crowd, how would you fare?

The most recent Pitch Club, held in Melbourne on 25 June, saw 11 entrepreneurs jump in the ring and do just that. Below are seven of these pitches, warts and all.

Rod Sheppard from Eco Switch was named the overall winner on the night. But who would you have chosen?

Update: Pitch Club will be coming to Brisbane on 12 November 2009. If you too would like to ‘get in the ring’, click here.

Melbourne Pitch Club 25 June, ’09 (Round 1)

Jonathon Charlton – Lazypatch

Sasha Fichera – Sleep Connect

Miles Kenyon – Evil Minion

Tony Lotzof – Strictly Tickets

Stuart McLeod – Paycycle

Gretha Oost – 321 Water

Rod Sheppard – Eco Switch