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This is how mobile will change the future of retail, in 3 min, 4 sec [VIDEO]


Top-ranked digital marketing agency Resource Interactive predicts mobile devices will rewrite the retail rulebook. And fast.

Attendees at last year’s Shop.org Annual Summit were treated to a three-minute video made by Resource’s fair hand. In it the agency explored the future of shopping, including the trends we’re seeing today and the real-time web implications of tomorrow.

“By year’s end there will be over one billion mobile devices accessing the internet. Compared to 1.3 billion PCs,” Resource said.

“Mobile devices… reinvent the retail experience. Everything becomes interactive.”

Meanwhile, social media is no slouch either, with 68% of B2C companies in North America claiming to have acquired customers via Facebook.

In a separate presentation at the same event, Resource president Kelly Mooney predicted both mobility and social media would have the biggest impact on businesses in the next five years – significantly more so than both offline and online combined.

The future of shopping – Resource Interactive