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Imagine there’s no internet. It’s easy if you try [VIDEO]


I moved house two weeks ago. Sadly, I lost my high speed cable in the process, and am now relegated back to ADSL 2+. Well, I would have ADSL if I could get the connection to work. I’ve been offline using only mobile devices to work that entire time.

First world problem, I hear you say.

Here’s the same problem, on a grander scale. It’s most certainly a first world problem, but, it’s a big one. After the storm surge in New York from Hurricane Sandy, there was more than a loss of internet connectivity.

Yet, what happened where cabling that keeps the city connected to the internet and indeed, other businesses and trading markets, is largely out of sight. That’s because it’s underground, and thus, below the water table.

In this frank video from Verizon, you will see the destructive power of the water, and see how much effort goes into restoring what we have all come to take for granted.

As many companies discovered in the 2011 Queensland floods, a disaster recovery plan is not an optional strategy for any business, large or small.

Rebuilding a cable vault after Hurricane Sandy