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Hand on my heart, I don’t think this will eventuate: Amazon Drone Delivery [VIDEO]



Mainly because it would take away the potential for this scene in Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World ever happening.

How would Scott have ever met his skating, dream girl if a drone had delivered his purchase from Amazon.ca? An Amazon drone delivery vs. Ramona Flowers. I think we all know who’d win that round.

Plus, there’ll be the potential hazard of all these drones flying around, in among all the flying cars that we’ll be driving soon enough. How is the air space going to be regulated?

But, mainly because it’s not fail proof. Heavy items can’t be carried this way. When was the last time that you so desperately needed a small-paperback or, light-weight toy from Amazon that it simply had to be there within 30 minutes? Isn’t that the realm of pizza delivery?

Then there’s addressing, as a component of mapping and is needed for accurate delivery. Addressing is a nightmare. Don’t ask anyone working on the NBN about addressing issues, unless you want to see them cry. You see, what you think is your address may not, in fact, be anything to do with where maps and, therefore, geo-codes, say the address is.

There are some big issues with delivery that our love of eCommerce has created. But, I’m not convinced delivery drones will be the answer.

As always, I am happy to be proven wrong.

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