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Brightgreen’s DR700 LED Downlight Replacement Bulb (SMART 100)


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Brightgreen’s DR700 LED Downlight Replacement Bulb

This innovation initially came to life when…

Brothers David and Barry O’Driscoll started Brightgreen, an LED lighting company developing products that match a halogen on brightness while using only a quarter of the power and lasting up to fifteen times longer. Brightgreen’s latest cutting-edge product is the DR700 — the world’s first LED downlight replacement bulb to match the brightness of an average halogen and to be compatible with all existing transformers and dimmers. This means that LED replacement bulbs are now simple, fast and hassle-free to install, making them ideal for a mass market.


The purpose of this innovation is to…

Improve LED lighting and increase the adoption of LED technology in Australia and around the world, which creates the flow on effects of reduced energy, consumption, reduced toxicity production and significantly reduced consumption cycles of light bulbs.

It does this by…

The DR700 is the brightest LED downlight replacement bulb and has 100% transformer compatibility, making installation simple, fast and hassle-free. Anyone can install the downlight, a skill previously performed by electricians only. It requires only three easy steps and is the same method of replacing non-LED downlights.


This innovation improves on what came before because…

Brightgreen’s DR700 (standing for Downlight Replacement, 720 lumens) is the only LED replacement bulb to have 100% transformer compatibility, increasing the ease and accessibility of LED installations. The DR700 is also the brightest LED replacement bulb on the market, offering an exceptional light quality (CRI 83), and is free from all harmful chemicals and 90% recyclable.

Its various benefits to the customer/end-user include…

Designed in Australia and built for Australian conditions, the DR700 includes a temperature monitor eliminating any fire hazards, is five times more efficient then halogen (saving you money while benefiting the environment), has a 0-100% dimming range and lasts 70,000 hours.


In the past, this problem was solved by…

Recent improvements in LED technology have allowed it to be a suitable alternative to halogen and incandescent forms of lighting. However, no previous LED replacement bulb can offer 720 lumens and operate at 10.5 watts. Thus, the DR700 is the brightest and most energy efficient LED replacement bulb in the world, setting a new precedent for LED lighting.

Its predecessors/competitors include…

Brightgreen’s DR700 is the world’s first LED replacement bulb to match a halogen on brightness and be compatible with all existing transformers. Phillip’s Master LED 10-50W is only 360 lumens and 10 watts, half the brightness of the DR700.


It is made for…

The genius of the DR700 is that it has 100% transformer compatibility. This means electricians no longer have to convert existing transformers to LED transformers before installing the light. Thus, the DR700 is suitable to everyone.

At 720 lumens, the downlight offers a bright light suitable for a host of applications: homes, businesses, hotels and so on. Both the DR700 and other Brightgreen products will be available internationally as Germany, a strong leader in lighting technology, will be importing our products.


It is available for sale through…

Brightgreen is launching the DR700 at Melbourne’s DesignEX 13 April. After that, the light will be available at quality lighting retail and wholesale stores across Australia as well as several online stores. All stockists are on Brightgeen’s website.

Our marketing strategy is to…

After receiving DesignEX’s Best New Product and DesignBUILD’s Best Product in 2010, Brightgreen hopes to win both these awards again, gaining credibility and prestige for its already reliable and durable brand. Brightgreen’s dedication to innovation is only matched by its commitment to combat planned obsolescence, a theme which is portrayed through our marketing messages and branding.



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