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Be There

This innovation initially came to life when…

Be There came about from a combination of the Black Saturday bushfires, the devastating flooding that occurred in Queensland, and the feedback from Silicon Valley for Jasondb, our new NOSQL database. The feedback we got was “Show us a working application using Jasondb!” That, combined with being a part of the Black Saturday bushfires, as well as being a part of the recent flooding in Queensland, all combined to produce Be There, an initiative designed to allow people access to information in real time from a combination of “verified” organisations as well as crowdsourced individuals.


The purpose of this innovation is to…

Be There is an initiative which is focused on bringing experiences to people who can not be there physically. The emphasis is on real-time experiences communicated in real time. The experiences are moderated and content is managed in real time.

It does this by…

Be There is based on Jasondb, a new NOSQL database which specialises in managing Big Data over time. Media is captured in real time and presented in real time to consumers on purpose-built customised landing pages. Examples of media capture devices are smartphones and digital cameras. Individuals watch events unfold as they happen in real time.


This innovation improves on what came before because…

Be There improves on the current fragmented information available on the internet by providing an authorised sanctioned media source in real time using rich media such as images and video. Verified organisations can use Be There to manage and authorise in real time messages and content to ensure they conform to the company’s social media policy.

Its various benefits to the customer/end-user include…

Individuals can now see events unfolding in real time, much like a TV channel, but with media sources from a combination of verified organisations and crowdsourced individuals.


In the past, this problem was solved by…

The current medium for real time data is Twitter. Currently the technology underpinning Twitter cannot support real-time rich media and is full of unverified data. When I personally wanted good visual real-time information on the Black Saturday fires, it was incredibly hard to get it. The news web sites were out of date.

Its predecessors/competitors include…

The alternative quite frankly is rubbish. I was there in Black Saturday, and even with all of the information available on the internet, it was crap. We were told to stay off the CFA website because it was overloaded!


It is made for…

People who want to be there, or want to see what is going on somewhere, but can’t be physically there themselves. I want to watch the Grand Prix on TV, and at the same time I want a live real-time feed on my laptop or iPad which shows me all of the stuff going on in the pits, or at the last crash site. I want to actually see a picture of the last set of tyres taken off the lead car, seconds after the car has left the pits. Any event is up for grabs.


It is available for sale through…

Be There is due to be launched in May this year. It will be available on the web site www.b3there.com.

Our marketing strategy is to…

Initially we will target organisations with a high public profile, with a view to move all of their “unofficial” communications which are “unmoderated”, to Be There. Because it will be in their interests to ensure that followers are aware of the move of their corporate communications to Be There, they will carry the weight of informing their members.



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