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What is Anthill? News Ltd thinks we’re a ‘marketing website’


It seems that with Anthill moving away from its print origins, the mainstream print media has become less coy about including Anthill activities as part of newspaper content.

This weekend, Anthill made its News Ltd debut, appearing in the Herald Sun and its various ‘sister’ publications throughout our great nation. (It only took five years!)

So, following a week of critical opinion pieces on the establishment of a Commonwealth Commercialisation Institute and serious discussions over the loss of Australian-made IP to foreign owners, what thoughtful, probing item might you expect the News Ltd family to isolate for syndication?

The Top 10 Greatest Australian Commercials Ever
, of course!

According to the Herald Sun:

“Australia’s TV ad kings have shown a knack for coming up with clever jingles, classic catchphrases, absurd plot lines and visual and sound feasts. Marketing website Anthill Magazine has put together a best of the best.”

I wasn’t aware that we are a ‘marketing website’? And there is something odd about a ‘website’ called a ‘magazine’.

We can’t obviously be critical of the coverage. As they say, any publicity is good publicity (except when it isn’t).

Plus, the coverage prompted Today Tonight to give us a call. (You can see me in all my ill-prepared glory at 6:30pm tonight.)

Despite the good exposure, the most valuable outcome, from our perspective, from these events is that they have forced us to start practising what we preach and get some clarity around our own branding.

This afternoon, the Anthill crew will be leaving early for another ‘strategy session’. However, if anyone else (dear readers) wants to have a crack at defining what Anthill now is, we’re all eyes, ears and antenna.

Can we be a ‘magazine’ without a regular print product? Are we a community, a channel, a media outlet? Perhaps we’re something else yet again?

If you have any views, we’re keen to hear them.

In fact, I’m willing to stump up a prize (yet to be determined… book or DVD perhaps?) for any tagline or description that we end up using.

What is Anthill?