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Bro humour… for a good cause


Some years ago, the Anthill office was all-a-chuckles when a seagull offered a beached whale a ‘chup’ (the whale was ‘beached as‘).

More recently, Brett, Germaine and the lads from Flight of the Concords had us rhyming like hip-hop-opotamuses.

In other words, Kiwi humour makes us giggle (like an Auklander providing the answer to two plus four).

It was, therefore, with great pleasure that the Anthill ‘massive’ alerted us to this clip ‘en masse’. (If you’re not already reading this with a New Zeland accent, we’re not doing our job right, bro.)

The advertisement comes from the New Zealand transport authority and shares an important message, and shares it well.

So, this Friday, enjoy beer o’clock. But not too much. (And never-mind what Monique thinks.)

New Zealand Legend Drink Driving Ad

And just in case the above references confused you…

Beached as — Want a ‘chup’? (Salty language warning: Low)

Flight of the Concords — Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros

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