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From Sydney to Silicon Valley – Australian startups target growth through collaboration


It seems like only yesterday we were reporting on the opening of the NSW Government supported StartupHouse all the way over in nerd mecca, Silicon Valley.

And yet last month NSW Trade & Investment named the first four early-stage technology companies due to gain access to international business opportunities while being nestled on the incubator’s geeky bosom.

The government department’s Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) program will help 12 entrepreneurs gain a toe-hold in Silicon Valley, subsidising access to co-working space and accommodation at San Francisco’s StartupHouse.

The first four companies to pack their bags are: RecruitLoop, ScriptRock, ZeroMail and Brainworth. (Incidentally, the four companies’ good fortune coincided with the first anniversary of startup incubator Fishburners, which has provided ideas, skills, support and cooperation to RecruitLoop and ZeroMail, among others.)

In this short video, Robert G.S. Lambert (we can only assume that his middle initials stand for ‘Goin’ Stellar’) takes a virtual tour through Startup House and introduces some of its newest tenants.

Startup House — Take the tour with Robert G.S. Lambert

Who are the lucky tenants?

Here’s a quick roundup and a description of what they each do for a good time:


RecruitLoop gives employers a better way to recruit online. It features a marketplace with experienced recruiters charging an hourly rate, and a platform for recorded video interviews. With RecruitLoop, employees can save themselves oodles of time, plus up to 80% on recruitment costs.


ScriptRock offers simple, online storage of IT system configuration information… Nope, us neither. But apparently it’s impressive enough to earn them a ticket to the US of A.


ZeroMail is a simple email client with an integrated virtual assistant that builds personalised filters to sort priority emails and separate views for notifications, newsletters, mailing lists, and social media.


Brainworth delivers a personalised school curriculum in a compelling a beautiful game environment.

RecruitLoop’s StartupHouse adventures

RecruitLoop CEO and co-founder, Michael Overell, said his company stayed with StartupHouse for several weeks during a recent trip to San Francisco.

“We were making connections with potential investors, advisers and business partners.”

“The US will be an important market for RecruitLoop, and we recognise the importance of building relationships early on.”

In addition to Silicon Valley being a hub of startup investment, it offers a rich network of folks with stories of both success and failure.

“We made some fantastic connections, and picked up feedback and advice on what it would take to launch and grow our business in the US.”

“We plan to be back there soon.”