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Hold this cat. An interesting exploration of branding [VIDEO]


As a company name, HTC looks like a vague acronym. That’s because it is.

The company began life as High-Tech Computer Corporation in 1997. But, taking a leaf from the ‘KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken’ school of thought, the company rebranded as HTC in 2008.

Now, the company is renowned for its smartphones.

In 2012, HTC made it into the Interbrand list of the top brands in the world at position 98. This year, it didn’t make the cut. Plus, market share is slipping.

So, who better to keep the brand fresh and edgy than Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr.

The position of the campaign is ‘what does HTC really stand for’? Apparently, it stands for anything you want to stand for.
Hold This Cat.
Humungous Tinfoil Catamaran.

In fact, it can stand for what the brand is trying to do with this ad campaign: Here’s To Change.

Does that sound a bit vague? A little. But, the campaign is fun and, let’s face, Downey Jr., can make anything look cool. Even aviator sunglasses.

Will celebrity involvement, a fun meme and some random potential meanings for HTC be enough to reignite the brand and push it back into the top 100 brands in the world. Let’s see.

Here’s to change: #HTChange