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Could the iPad revolutionise coffee-shop meetings?


Sure. We’ve heard how the iPad will soon become a popular device for watching videos, reading online newspapers and downloading books online. But one really useful application of the iPad that has barely been talked about is its potential function as a presentation and meeting tool.

In the early days of Anthill, I’d rarely leave Anthill HQ without a laptop and mini-projector on hand to provide prospective investors, clients and other stakeholders with a visual demonstration of Anthill’s values and purpose. More recently, I regressed to carrying a traditional artist’s portfolio of colour print-outs, after too many coffee-shop meetings characterised by awkward silences caused by technology glitches or the simple absence of power-sockets.

However, come late April, I’m guessing that this won’t be much of a problem for entrepreneurial business builders and sales professionals.

MightyMeeting is a tool that lets you run presentations and meetings from your iPhone, and now, iPad, whether doing something in person or across the world. Move over flip-charts, laptop presentations and awkward coffee shop moments. Here comes MightyMeeting the iPad.

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