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Want to raise your profile and attract opportunities? Just ask, “What would a masterchef do?” [MONDAY MICRO BREAK]


If you’ve ever lost a big contract or project to a competitor, you’ll know the true meaning of commercial frustration.

Sure, we all deal with localised dramas everyday. But losing a deal when you simply know that you are better, that you can deliver a better outcome, that you have the skills and the passion… well… that’s a feeling that can crush even the most optimistic of entrepreneurial business builders.

No-one is immune to this situation. But, for some people, it’s a rare event. You know who they are.

These are the ‘masterchefs’ of your industry.

In this Monday Micro-Break, I chat briefly with BlueChilli founder Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin about the power of ‘sharing recipes’. It’s a lesson distilled from several years observing the workings of the Key Person of Influence program.

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