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How to make a brand statement and how not to. Apple vs Microsoft [VIDEO]


Apple vs Microsoft.

It’s an ongoing war since, well, the 1970s.

Two major technology companies, both wildly successful and both incredibly different.

Just one point of difference is the approach to branding each one takes.

Apple, renowned for its design and beauty, has a brand that is the envy of many. This is deliberate.

Watch this first video. Listen to the words and analyse the images. Think about what you feel when you watch it.

Then, watch one of the latest Microsoft ads. It’s full of colour, movement and a nice little ‘clicking’ sound. Does it generate any emotional response?

You see, a good brand makes you feel something. The company that nails that will emerge with the most successful marketing.

If you think about it, every Apple ad actually tells you this secret. Every ad the company creates is designed to make you feel what it wants you to feel.

#1 Apple – Our signature

#2 Microsoft – Surface

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