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Small Business Support Line workers trained by beyondblue?


At Anthill, we do our best to provide education for ambitious business owners so that they are prepared for every obstacle on their road to success. But we also like to let you know what other assistance is available beyond the ‘Hill.

Today, the Australian Federal Minister for Small Business, Dr Craig Emerson, officially launched a free phone service that will provide advice and support for people running and working in small businesses.

The Small Business Support Line was established by the Rudd Government as a response to the hardship being felt by many small business owners in this time of economic downturn. It is designed primarily to help small business operators navigate the myriad of government departments and specialised services needed to establish or improve a business. It will also field small business complaints about access to and cost of bank finance.

Interestingly, Dr Emerson revealed that Small Business Support Line staff have been trained by depression support organisation beyondblue “to help callers who may be suffering from depression or personal issues associated with running a small business”.

People can phone the small business support team toll free on 1800 777 275 between 8am and 6pm weekdays. Email inquiries are also welcome at [email protected]

Later this year, the Federal Government will extend its small business support effort by launching a $10 million program to assist these businesses build online and e-business capabilities.