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PR flacks beware! Your product campaigns are subject to video review.


I get plenty of PR pitches every day. Some of them are interesting and relevant. Many of them are off the mark. I’m often sent unsolicited samples and gifts. All part of the bump and grind – I get it. It can be wearying, but it goes with the territory.

Then, I saw the below video in a post entitled Lessons from Community Fickleness by Anthill contributor and Aussie digital media maestro, Mick Liubinskas.

Mick used to run marketing for peer-to-peer files-sharing upstart Kazaa, then Zapr and Tangler. He’s now running strategic web consultancy Pollenizer, which he co-founded with Kazaa colleague Phil Morle. He’s also a prominent blogger, which is why Publicis Mojo targeted him out of the blue with a marketing campaign for Metamucil.

Mick and other bloggers weren’t impressed with this “spammy” contact, and made that clear. So Publicis Mojo had another crack, sending him a package.

Mick deceided to capture his impressions of this second marketing effort by videoing the grand opening in the form of a review.

Promotion always precedes the product. Check out Mick’s PR review below.

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