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Inventing a better light bulb. An Australian invention that would make Tesla proud [VIDEO]


An Australian startup, LIFX, has created a WiFi enabled, multi-colour, energy efficient LED light bulb. A light bulb that can be controlled to switch on or off, or strobe, or change colour, all from your iPhone or Android.

LIFX went on to Kickstarter to raise $100,000 to help with the bulk purchasing of components, taking the bulb into mass production, and to finalise the smart phone apps.

Within 20 hours, LIFX had raised $250,000. Now, powering past the $600,000 mark, this revolution in lighting looks set to reach the million dollar mark. There are still 57 days to go in its Kickstarter fundraiser.

What will you be able to do with a LIFX bulb? Installation is as easy as, well, changing a light bulb.

Then, you will be able to control your LIFX lights with the app, or the regular switch. But, you will be able to switch lights on when approaching your house, dim lights, change the lights colour or, set them dancing to music. What more could you want in a light bulb? Tesla would indeed be proud.

But, wait, there is more.

Soon, the LIFX Software Development Kit (SDK) will be available. This will allow mobile app developers and home automation hackers to take full control over their LIFX smart bulbs.

Be quick if you want to support this home grown invention, some of the early bird packages have already sold out.

LIFX – The lightbulb reinvented