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Anthill’s SMART 100: Readers’ Choice Revealed (2011)


They embody the passions of earnest inventors and the dreams of budding business builders. They are the products of industries both old and new, from organisations large and small.

They are the spoils of skunkworks and represent the rigours of R&D. Above all else, they sure have a lot of friends!

The Readers’ Choice Index was created to provide an opportunity for Anthill readers to vote on SMART 100 applications, in one of three ways:

  1. Tweet it: Top left of each page (3 points)
  2. Trigger a Reaction: Facebook ‘Like’, etc (2 points)
  3. Leave a Comment: Anonymous comments excluded (1 points)

At the conclusion of the Readers’ Choice component, we promised to tally up the results and create an Index according to the votes of our readers.

What we didn’t expect to receive was a lesson in social media marketing.

Why did we conduct the Readers’ Choice this way?

Let’s be frank. Readers’ Choice Awards are usually conducted for two reasons.

The first is to provide readers with a voice. This is obviously a good thing. It takes the decision making process away from a few and gives it to many.

The second is to raise awareness. In our world, that could also be interpreted to mean, ‘get more traffic’.

As such, we acknowledge that many award programs often end up becoming (for want of a better description) media sanctioned popularity contests. And with acknowledgement comes acceptance.

So, rather than rail against this hard fact (Oh, the inequity!), we decided to ignore our internal cynics (the ones in our brains, not just the ones in our office) and reward voters according to the effort they put in to reach their own networks.

That’s right, we empowered our entrants to kick start the marketing for us.

And, to state the obvious, if success is built on marketing flair (even partially), these 20 are likely to have a bright future.

And the winners are…

1 Lead Bolt
2 Mii Brand
3 MYOB Atlas
4 Young Republic
5 Brainstorm in a Teacup
6 Spare Ticket
7 Digivizer
8 SmartyGrants
9 Physios-Online.com
10 Brain Wave
11 Beanhunter
12 This Ring
13 Bookzkeeper
14 Rock Anthem
15 NoteTower
16 Barefoot Angels Fund
17 ManageFlitter
18 GoldSwap
19 Customisable Eyewear
20 MyColourCup

To read more about LeadBolt, click here.

The reach of these bright sparks

Another surprising observation was that the Top 10 Readers’ Choice winners generated almost four times as many social media reactions than the remaining participants in the SMART 100 combined.

Total Reaction Points: 17,211
Top 10 Total Reaction Points: 14,104
Remaining Participants Combined: 3,106

Lead Bolt 10 30 4895 9790 0 0 9820
Mii Brand 35 105 368 736 31 31 872
MYOB Atlas 72 216 270 540 46 46 802
Young Republic 73 219 188 376 12 12 607
Brainstorm in a Teacup 56 168 122 244 19 19 431
Spare Ticket 46 138 125 250 22 22 410
Digivizer 23 69 116 232 8 8 309
SmartyGrants 26 78 103 206 5 5 289
Physios-Online.com 8 24 127 254 6 6 284
Brain Wave 29 87 89 178 16 16 281

To see how they ranked according to our maven judges, click here.

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