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Readers’ Choice winner LeadBolt on the power of an empowered customer base


It was wonderful to learn that LeadBolt had earned the top place on Anthill’s SMART 100 Readers’ Choice Index.

When asked by Anthill whether we could share ‘the secret to our success’ — how we had attracted over 4,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ — the first thing I felt compelled to explain was the purpose and function of our organisation, beginning with its name: “Leadbolt” (pronounced LEED-BOLT).

To the uninitiated, this may sound like a circular reference until one understands the true meaning and ethos behind the company.

Our business is about getting leads. So, it shouldn’t be regarded as too much of a surprise that we might be able to summon such a positive response from our ‘customers, clients, friends, fans and stakeholders’.

Here are some of the key values that we use to help our customers, and how this in turn helped us.

Be appreciative (Show that you care)

Leadbolt is an online and mobile technology, which competes with the likes of Google, but does so in a fully interactive and engaging way.

We provide an advertising solution to anyone looking to monetise their content — from online websites to mobile applications.

We understand the fact that our customers’ success is critical to our own success. We know customers have a choice and we truly appreciate it when they work with us. We show this in everything that we do and treat them as human beings, allowing them to reach out to us, unlike the behemoths who isolate themselves in their golden castles.

Appreciation and showing you care is a vital aspect to keeping a relationship going.

Be personal (Provide a personalised service)

We use the full spectrum of online opportunities to ensure we are always talking to and increasing our network of contacts and customers.

We do everything we can to help customers leverage their properties and make more than they could with any other advertising partners. We do this with constant interaction and sharing of strategies which help them do better.

Our customers even have access to a personal account manager who they can speak with day and night to help them resolve problems and build on their successes.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to resolve something or asking a simple question only to receive an impersonal call from an anonymous ‘customer representative’ and not being able to speak with someone who you know, and who understands your account.

Be exciting (Bring your customers ‘into’ the business)

We work very hard to project an energy of excitement into our conversations, systems and innovations. This energy spills over and energises our customers.

We constantly look for smarter ways to optimise our product, and share these ‘discoveries’ with our customers, who then feel special and become a part of the team, as they get to know about advancements and enhancements before publicly releasing them to the market.

Offering clients access to beta programs has fostered a sense of belonging and ownership, which our customers cherish.

Be empowering (Let your customers work for you)

There is nothing more satisfying than hearing a customer compliment us.

We thrive on this and explain to them it is only due to their success that we have our success.

We have found that the harder we work for our customers, they harder they will work for us.

This, of course, is the main factor leading to our success in this year’s awards.

If your customers truly appreciate the value you place on them and the extent you are prepared to go to make things work for them, they will return the favour by helping you become a success.

Asking them to refer you on and recommend you is one of the most powerful techniques any business can use to drum up more business.

Not only will your customers support you with gusto (if they are impressed with you), but they will ensure your success by having their customers tell their customers and so on.

In short, don’t be afraid to ask for their help, and then let your customers work for you.


I notice that Anthill has also successfully used many of the above techniques to make its own business successful. By empowering SMART 100 applicants to  promote their own profiles, Anthill has ensured that its own program stays true to its purpose — prompting interaction, engagement, innovation and giving participants a sense of ownership.

This is the secret of our success in this year’s awards — empower your customers to promote your message for you.

Dale Carr is the President and CEO of LeadBolt. To read LeadBolt’s winning application for the SMART 100, click here.