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DIGIVIZER technology & solutions (SMART 100)


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DIGIVIZER technology & solutions

This innovation initially came to life when…

Clinton Larson and Emma Lo Russo, ex-Macquarie Bank colleagues, came together to explore the impact that the social web and changing technology were having on traditional businesses, especially those looking to compete globally. After testing the opportunity, they launched DIGIVIZER in July 2010 — a solution that finds the digital footprint of people organisations know (their customers) or people they should know (prospects) on the social web. Founded in deep analytical foundations, DIGIVIZER helps link the social web to organisational value through a range of technology and services. DIGIVIZER’s clients now include brands like Ikea, Yates, Sun Life, Vision Australia.


The purpose of this innovation is to…

…look at the social web through a number of lenses and provide meaningful insights as they relate to specific people, organisations, communities and their markets. DIGIVIZER’s real-time monitoring of people on the social web generates relevant, timely leads and insights.

It does this by…

…combining a unique and deep analytical approach to the social web delivered via a technology platform and services. DIGIVIZER identifies target profiles of people who matter (your customers or those you wish were) and then links them to relevant hot-spots around brands, products, topics, services, lifestyle changes, events and interests; or in tracking changes in their behaviour or sentiment.


This innovation improves on what came before because…

There are many solutions looking to provide listening and volume-based metrics. Most look at the social web through finding discussions that relate to brand or to a topic. DIGIVIZER is different as we focus on connecting all this value back to actual people and their digital footprint. It becomes the foundation to connect value to people who matter to organisations.

Its various benefits to the customer/end-user include…

…making sense of the incredibly complex details of people and their digital footprints which enables organisations to create more relevant, personalised, targeted and well-timed messaging. This results in greater response rates, conversions, customer engagement and satisfaction.


In the past, this problem was solved by…

Very few organisations are monetising the social web today. Some may have begun to listen to total brand mentions or to build a presence using Facebook and/or Twitter or via a blogging community. The ability to link that to ROI and value has been difficult to-date. DIGIVIZER now provides the opportunity to link this value back to people who matter.

Its predecessors/competitors include…

Integrating the social web within an organisation’s go-to-market model is still relatively new. Today there are many listening-based tools, some platform-specific, that provide insights but make it difficult to connect back to an organisation’s customer or prospect list.


It is made for…

…B2C corporates and special interest groups across Australia and rest of world. With Chinese language support we are also looking to expand coverage across APAC first. The offering is relevant to Marketing, allowing them to target more meaningful, timely and relevant communications, to Sales by generating leads, to HR by profiling and listening to employees, to Product Management for market insights and to Corporate Communications for reputation management. With over 2,000 ASX-listed corporates and a significant number of NFPs in Australia alone, and given our first-to-market position, it provides a significant window of opportunity to grow market share.


It is available for sale through…

…DIGIVIZER head office. Contact can be made through www.digivizer.com, [email protected] or by contacting Emma +61 419 203 458 or Clinton +61 431 295 295. Pricing begins from $5,000, Tracking customers works from $1 per record per year (based on volume).

Our marketing strategy is to…

…target tier one corporates in highly competitive markets with strong B2C models. We work via direct sales, referrals and agency introductions and begin first with proof-of-concept project. We’re doing work in English and Chinese, and plan to expand strongly across APAC and ROW (already doing work in Hong Kong, Philippines & Indonesia). PR and demos are important to future marketing strategy.


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