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This might be the best email productivity hack ever [VIDEO]


Don’t look now but, I’m pretty sure that while you’re reading this sentence you received some email.

You did check, didn’t you? No, I’m not psychic, I just know what it’s like to have an exploding inbox. Or, rather, inboxes. I mean, who has just one email account these days?

For years, even since email began to hit the mainstream, people have complained about how much email they receive. Managing an inbox can be come an time consuming and overwhelming task.

In fact, it can become a real productivity issue. The question begs to be asked, do you spend your time answering emails or, do you spend it building your business. Usually, these two tasks are not the same thing.

In this video from Inc, Tony Hsieh the CEO of Zappos shares how he manages his email. It’s simple and, better yet, it works.

Listen and learn!

Tony Hsieh Reveals 1 Email Trick That Keeps Him Ahead

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