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30under30 is an Anthill initiative that was launched in early 2008 to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among young Australians.

The program provides recognition to 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 for their outstanding entrepreneurial endeavours.


Nominations open: Friday 30 November 2018
Applications open: Monday 10 December 2018
Applications close: Friday 8 February 2019 (5pm)
Winners Announced: Tuesday 12 March 2019

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Eligibility & Criteria

30under30 is built around a program of self-selection/application. While a third party can ‘nominate’ a worthy entrepreneur, the onus lies on the applicant to complete an online application form, asking the applicant to ‘sell’ his/her entrepreneurial qualities. To be eligible for this year’s program, the entrepreneur must be under 30 years of age on 1 August of this year and must be an Australian citizen. (In other words, if someone asks you, on 1 August this year, how old you are and you say, “30”, you’re no longer eligible.)

What makes a person entrepreneurial?

An entrepreneur is generally thought of as someone who organises a business venture and assumes the risk for it. However, being entrepreneurial also requires a range of personal traits and qualities:

Innovative Thinking
Marketing/Product Development Flair
Personal Branding

Survival Skills
‘Out of Square’ Thinking
‘Luck’ Exploitation
Opportunity Identification

Skills of Persuasion
Team Building
Capital Raising
Sales Skills

Process & Procedure

Stage 1: Nominations open

This is your chance to self-nominate or nominate another entrepreneur. Simply follow the links below and above, then follow the prompts. You will be asked to insert the name and contact details of the nominee in the fields provided and your own details if you are nominating a third party and wish to be acknowledged.

Stage 2: Applications open

Nominees will be alerted via email (and post if appropriate) that the application stage has opened. This stage requires the nominee/applicant to complete an online survey. The information in this online survey will be used to determine the nominee/applicant’s eligibility and shortlist Finalists.

Stage 3: Judging

Finalists will be contacted should the judging panel require further information. The absence of contact does not necessarily indicate that a nominee/applicant has or has not been selected as a Finalist. Contact also does not necessarily indicate that a nominee/applicant has or has not been selected as a Finalist.

Stage 4: The Winner’s Announcement

Finalists and Winners will be announcement via email and published on AnthillOnline.com. Thirty entrepreneurs will be identified (Finalists). The organisers reserve the right to eliminate or add award categories to reflect the quality and background of applications.

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