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K-Rudd as comic book hero? (Alas, you’ll have to make do with Schwarzenegger… for now)


There’s never a dull moment with that Arnold Schwarzenegger fella around. One minute he’s in London looking incredibly silly on a pushbike – in a suit, no less. The next he’s in Cannes, France, launching his first post-politics project: a TV cartoon series for kids called The Governator.

Schwarzenegger, who lost his gig as the hugely unpopular boss of California last November, told the MipTV conference that the show would also spawn comic books, digital content, and a 3D movie. Schwarzenegger in three dimensions? Get in.

We wonder if new California Governor Democrat Jerry Brown is irked by Schwarzenegger’s refusal to fade into obscurity. If so, he should get on the blower to Prime Minister Julia Gillard and invite her to a pity party for two.

Gillard’s also had a ‘mare of a week thanks to former prime minister Kevin Rudd. Rudd’s been accused of breaching cabinet confidentiality and undermining Gillard by nattering publicly about top rank divisions over climate change.

Way back when Rudd was still PM, he was forced to shelve the emissions trading scheme for three years — a move that contributed to his top job tumble. Since then, it’s been widely reported that Gillard was an advocate of putting the scheme on hold.

Rudd recently told the ABC’s Q&A program that, although he was ultimately responsible for the decision, others had influenced it.

And he refuses to stay schtum about his time in power, telling the Sydney Morning Herald: “In the period that I was prime minister, it’s no secret that there was a diversity of views on this matter when we got to this period last year.”

“I will speak as appropriate to make sure that the record’s straight,” he said, hinting at the can of whoop-arse he’s prepared to unleash if provoked… Governator-style!

This leaves us to speculate as to when everyone’s favourite ‘policy-wonk’  will launch his spin-off ‘The Ruddinator’.

Until then, we’ll have to make do with Arnie. Now watch. Do-eet!

The Governator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger