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    30under30 – The finalists (TEENAGE FANCLUB)



    Remember the hormonal turmoil, the highs, the lows, the journey to self-discovery? No, I’m not talking about the entrepreneurial process. I’m talking about your teen years. These wunderkind teenagers might not have made it into the top 30, but they go straight to the front of our class.

    Jamie Xuereb – 19 – VIC

    Jamie Xuereb began his career in the family cleaning business. While most would turn their noses up at this job, Xuereb saw it as an opportunity to test his entrepreneurial mettle. Today, he and his brother, Jason, run Mediapoint, which provides a multitude of graphical advertising solutions to large corporations, ranging from vehicle wraps to signs and stickers. But that’s not the end of the line. Xuereb’s planning an exit so he can try and catch some bigger fish – all before he turns 20!

    Jemma Nicoll – 17 – NSW

    Jemma Nicoll is a student studying her HSC, but she is also the principal of dance academy, Inspire. I know what you’re thinking – she’s young so she should be watching Hi-5, not training Hi-5 wannabes. But Nicoll didn’t start Inspire to advance a passion for provocative movement; she started Inspire because she loves dance and sees it as a form of art. This is a vision she hopes to impart upon her students.

    Ryan Djurovich – 19 – VIC

    Ryan Djurovich’s first business unfortunately didn’t last – he had to shut it down because of VCE. But there was never any fear that it would be his final venture. Djurovich has plans for 11 different ventures, four of which he is currently pursuing. He runs a design company, RYPE Media, with a partner so that he has time for his other web and publication businesses as well as a t-shirt label. He also recently wowed the crowd at one of Anthill’s recent Pitch Club events, matching the skills of people three times his age. Now that’s teen spirit!

    Jake Taylor – 19 – NSW

    Jake Taylor is a serial entrepreneur who’s barely had the time to make it serial – he’s too young. His online business, Revyr, allows people to rate and review their boss and search from several million jobs based on the ratings given by others – an amazing idea from someone completely new to the workforce