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The best two-minute video about marketing you’ll ever see


We hear it all the time from marketing firms and public relations mavens — words have power.

Nowadays, we hear that phrase and think “SEO.” But back in the day, it referred to indelible slogans such as “the ultimate driving machine,” “just do it” and “Guinness is good for you.”

The best marketing campaigns make a personal, emotional connection. They get us where we live. And in this little video, we get a compact and powerful allegory of what effective marketing can achieve.

The video is a plug for Purplefeather, a UK-based company that delivers various types of online content. And the ad effectively sells the concept of word power, while making a strong case that these folks just might know what they’re doing.

“We try harder.” Yeah, that’s Avis, not Purplefeather. But you get the idea.

It’s a beautiful day …

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