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    30under30 – The finalists (GLORIOUS GLORY HOUNDS)



    Among the seemingly endless pile of submissions that flowed into Anthill HQ were a select few ‘attention-grabbers’. While these may not have qualified for the Top 30, their sheer ‘dare to show entrepreneurial flair’ has scored these very effective self-promoters (a key entrepreneurial strength) another well-earned moment in the spotlight. (We love tall-poppies!)

    David Graham – 28 – QLD

    Young entrepreneur David Graham has done it all. He survived Big Brother, Danced with the Stars and modelled internationally, all the while maintaining his 5,000 acre farm. He’s made the big bucks, gone for broke, and bounced back again. Now a full-time farmer and managing director, ‘Farmer Dave’ never forgot his days at the bottom of the barrel and uses his success to help others in need. Unlike many reality-TV stars of yesterday, he has used the ‘brand’ created for him by Channel Ten and created a spin-off lamb business (just search for ‘Farmer Dave Lamb’ online).

    Alicia Curtis – 24 – WA

    Alicia Curtis is an outstanding role model of the modern independent woman. And she makes it her business to be well-known as exactly that. At 18, she chose to start her own company, Alicia Curtis Leadership, which helps other young people to understand their leadership potential. Her passion and dedication has led her to achieve multiple qualifications, receive even more awards, and represent Western Australia at a number of national and international gatherings.

    Peter Williams – 26 – VIC

    Peter Williams, dubbed ‘Australia’s Richard Branson’, sprouted entrepreneurial tendencies at the age of four. Initially creating signs to guide his mum to his office, he has now moved on to found multiple businesses. Scratching your head wondering why you know his name? Perhaps you purchased a portion of the MCG from him. Yes, that’s right. Williams is the guy who ‘sold the MCG’, one square foot of carpet and wallpaper at a time, after taking discarded construction debris and turning it into collector keepsakes.