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    30under30 – The finalists (BEHOLD, THE NEW ECONOMY)



    The internet has changed the face of business. For a start, the face of business is much younger. In fact, we were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of web entrepreneurs submissions received. Below are some of our favourites that didn’t make the Top 30 cut.

    Riley Batchelor – 29 – NSW

    Riley Batchelor has a passion for building businesses. He’s ventured into manufacturing and hospitality, and now he’s entered the online scene as the Director of 2 Threads Group, an online social network that’s all about fashion, music and lifestyle news.

    Lara Dall’Alba – 29 – NSW

    Lara Dall’Alba knows what it takes to make a sale, but she also knows when to walk away. Despite convincing the likes of Paris Hilton to don her garments, Dall’Alba realised early on that she wasn’t cut out for designing alongside every other aspect of running a business. She now uses her online company, DestinationStyle.com.au, to market other small Australian fashion brands, helping other Australian designers shine.

    James Greig – 24 – QLD

    James Greig is the Managing Director of Bluehype and Bloomtools. Bluehype (www.bluehype.com.au) develops low cost products that help businesses with their online marketing. Bloomtools (www.bloomtools.com) also sells simple web tools that help businesses to grow.

    Jonathan Weinstock – 29 – VIC

    Jonathon Weinstock is the CEO and Director of Launchtwo People and Candidates Alive. Launchtwo People (www.launchtwo.com.au) is a recruitment agency. Candidates Alive (www.candidatesalive.com) takes this one step further by allowing recruitment agencies to showcase video resumes to their clients.

    Travis Pittman – 29 – QLD

    Travis Pittman believes that there are no failures, only hurdles that can and will be jumped. This is probably why his website, bugbitten.com, has no limits. Raised by entrepreneurs, he and his brother, Shawn, had have created a travel website that can only be described as Lonely Planet meets Facebook (www.bugbitten.com).

    Ross Hill – 20 – VIC

    Ross Hill is a web designer with Thrive Web Marketing and a student at RMIT University. He has also founded two companies on his own and co-founded another with a partner. These are Coverhunt, a CD cover website; Hatchthat, a website for entrepreneurial interviews; and The Hive, which provides networking for entrepreneurs. Coverhunt alone attracts over 40,000 unique users a month!

    Monica Kade – 21 – NSW

    Juggling a full-time degree, acting classes, a part-time job, and a healthy social and family life, Monica Kade is also the founder of online venture Mink Magazine, which aims to encourage, support and inspire talented individuals within every area of the creative industry. If you want to be inspired, think Mink!

    Chris Kettle – 29 – QLD

    Growing up, Chris Kettle never knew the word ‘entrepreneur’. He just wanted to follow his gut instincts. Now those gut instincts see him poised to go global with his current company, my247.com.au, a comprehensive entertainment guide to Australia. Kettle’s goal is to help you have fun twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!

    Oliver Pennington – 28 – NSW

    Oliver Pennington had a hand in starting up an online magazine and an online clothing store before moving on to his current company, Service Seeking (www.serviceseeking.com.au). Where the first two ventures failed, Service Seeking is growing at a rapid pace. It is an online marketplace where thousands of businesses compete for work.

    Anna Tucker – 24 – SA

    Anna Tucker doesn’t consider herself a successful person. This is solely because she hasn’t accomplished everything she has set out to do. Yet, she independently launched and now manages her own online fashion magazine, Beauty and Lace, a “fresh and funky” digital magazine that covers health, hair, fashion and beauty.

    Richard Eastes – 29 – QLD

    Richard Eastes is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, but he wasn’t the founder of his current company – he bought it. Vroom Vroom Vroom (www.vroomvroomvroom.com.au) is an online car rental company that assists people with every aspect of renting a car in Australia.

    Alicia Launer – 20 – QLD

    Alicia Launer is an employee at MakMax, but she also maintains her own online company by herself (for the most part). Only the Good (www.onlythegood.com.au) brings users free and independent reviews on trustworthy businesses. Only the Good showcases only the best!

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