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    30under30 – The finalists (Thumbs Up)



    Some ‘young guns’ did not qualify for the Top 30 but they did grab our attention nonetheless, due to their future potential. These promising start-ups might have a way to go but they have already won our ‘thumbs up’.

    Dawid Ostrowski – 27 – VIC

    Dawid Ostrowski is the founder and CEO of Ostra Vodka. Never heard of it? That’s because it hasn’t actually launched yet. But how many people can you name that have managed to procure a $3 million distillery with empty pockets and without acquiring any loans, or have negotiated $2 million worth of contract work before even beginning production? Expect Ostra Vodka to dazzle your tastebuds in 2009. Vashé zdorov’ye!

    Colin Reynolds – 26 – VIC

    Colin Reynolds is looking out for the everyday man (and woman). How is he doing this, you ask? By keeping McDonald’s clean! Yes, Reynolds discovered a product called Bling that makes glass and tiles remarkably easy to clean. He is so dedicated to the product that he built a business, Surface Pros, around it, now servicing McDonald’s, Metricon Homes and Hilton Hotels.

    Zara Hassan – 28 – VIC

    Zara Hassan is currently an employee at Visy Industries, but her dreams are much larger than the IT department she works in. She wants to leave a lasting legacy on the nation and she plans to do this through fashion, creating a fashion line for Muslim women. There’s nothing banal about Hassan’s burkas. To all the Muslim women out there – get set to jazz up your wardrobes because Zara is on her way!

    Brad Lindenberg – 24 – NSW

    Brad Lindenberg knew from an early age that he had the X factor. At 13, he started his first business. It was so successful that he would have to make excuses to leave class so that he could communicate with customers. Eleven years down the track he’s at it again with a new venture, Lind Golf, which sells custom- made golf clubs online. In less than a year, the company has sold over 12,000 golf clubs (even though its founder has never so much as touched the green).

    Tyson Grubb – 29 – SA

    Tyson Grubb was a serial entrepreneur by age 10, when he wanted to expand his lemonade stand into a café. Nearly 20 years down the track, Grubb’s thirst for growth and learning has only increased. His business, Synotronics, creates temperature logging models. It has now grown to include a side-business, Instrument Choice, which sells instrumentation products on a national scale. With no real start-up funds, no customer base and one supplier, selling items valued between $30 and $400 a unit, Instrument Choice has turned over $50,000 in its first quarter. The temperature for Grubb is looking hot!

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