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    30under30 – The finalists (part 5)



    Not every person who works in agriculture considers herself an entrepreneur. But some of Australia’s most inventive business people have come from the land and associated industries. Below are just three that didn’t make the Top 30 but are true salt of the earth, fair dinkum entrepreneurs.

    Sally Murfet – 27 – TAS

    Sally Murfet is a high school drop-out who is making the grade. Growing up, she put all of her efforts into gaining a multitude of experiences in the rural industry, all of which have paid off in customer satisfaction. Rural Connections provides business development solutions that help farmers and agribusinesses increase productivity.

    Leigh Staines – 28 – VIC

    Leigh Staines thought she was stuck in the 9-5 rut, and then her husband took a chance and started his own business. Staines followed suit and now she’s established her own licensed consulting company, SED Gippsland. Staines’s biggest achievement to date is that she managed to convert the three percent net profit of one of her clients to 15 percent – a vast difference when you consider their $7 million turnover!