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We think this Volkswagen commercial is Forcing it a bit. What say you? [VIDEO]


The Super Bowl brings out the best and worst of US television advertising extravagance.

We find it amusing that Darth Vader, as venomous a bad guy as pop culture could hope to serve up, would be chosen by Volkswagen to serve as the hero in this commercial for the 2012 Passat. Not only that, but they slap the cape and helmet on a kid who’s, what? Five? Six?

On the other hand, whose attention is not going to perk up when they hear the famous theme music for the Sith Lord? We can’t imagine what George Lucas charges for the use of that tune.

Anyway, the overarching theme here is something we’re seeing more often in auto advertising. Carmakers are trumpeting “ooo” tech such as parallel-parking assistance or starting the vehicle remotely with a cell phone.  Whatever. When Volkswagen’s engineers enable us to levitate a 1968 microbus with our minds … then, together, we can rule the galaxy as father and son!

Whahahahahahaaaa! *gasp*

Mind you, this ad was voted by USA Today site-visitors as their third Super Bowl favourite, featuring an inspired use of the Facebook ‘Like’ button.

What say you? Inspired commercial creativity or the lowest form of pandering?

Volkswagen commercial: The Force