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This emerging tech startup is giving businesses an advantage in VR and AR


Australia risks losing pace with the advanced nations of the world by its failure to fully embrace immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

According to Ken Kencevski, CEO and founder of Devika, a start-up focused on transforming industries through emerging technology, Australia is lagging behind countries like the US and China when it comes to effectively leveraging AR and VR technologies.

“We know that nations like the US and China are leading the implementation race with over 50% of companies already implementing immersive technology for business operations in those countries.

These companies are already seeing strong returns on investment. Globally, 82% of companies currently implementing AR/VR say the benefits are either meeting or exceeding their expectations,” said Mr. Kencevski.

Mr Kencevski said immersive technologies needed to be embraced more robustly in Australia to seize the long-term growth potential the technologies offer.

“The impact of VR and AR can be transformative. Some industries are already experiencing this with recent figures on retail showing by 2020, 100 million consumers will shop in AR online and in-store. These technologies are advancing quicker than most realise,” said Mr Kencevski.

“The potential for Australian businesses to benefit is huge. VR and AR can streamline how businesses operate and manage projects, design and manufacture products, educate and train employees, sell to customers and more,” he added.

How is this startup aiding Aussie businesses?

Devika is currently cementing its position as an industry-leading solution for some of Australia’s biggest businesses looking to utilise the benefits of emerging technologies to transform their business strategies and advance their capabilities.

The global applicability of Devika’s technology has led to companies across the world using the start-up to transform themselves, with over 100 clients based in locations from Sydney to New Jersey. The start-up currently services 35% overseas clients and 65% local Australian businesses.

“At Devika we’re enabling businesses to stay ahead of the curve by helping them explore the endless possibilities available to them with emerging technology, which will not only improve their user and employee experience but give them a competitive advantage,” said Mr Kencevski.

“We’re also pushing boundaries when it comes to the health and education industries, with our Kolb by Devika and Evenness by Devika programs. We’re not just working with companies, but with entire industry bodies to explore how emerging technology can take these sectors into the future.

“We’ve just been recognised for this as winners of the Unity Unite 2019 Sydney Non-Game Award,” he added.

How exactly are companies and industries gaining from the startup’s work?

Devika’s immersive technologies have enabled big corporations like Westpac to visualize and showcase the future of banking to its customers with AR.

With Devika’s assistance, Westpac showed users what banking with holograms will feel like using a custom-built augmented reality app that was controlled through voice commands and hand gestures.

Real estate agents are also capitalising on this technology. Devika’s VR technology helped East Room to deliver virtual tours of their proposed co-working spaces to prospective clients, allowing them to sell 70% of the spaces before the physical fit out was even completed.

Since Ken founded Devika in 2016, the startup has endeavoured to help companies positively affect people, help the planet, build prosperity and push boundaries. Its core mission is to help organisations bring their visions to life with technology, and in doing so, push innovation in Australia.

Moving forward over the next 12 months, Devika aims to double its enterprise customer base as well as cement its position within the education and health space as the market leader for public initiatives.

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