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This Aussie software company has partnered with Microsoft to release a corporate wellness solution


LiveTiles (ASX: LVT), an innovative software company that empowers users to create their own intelligent workplace experience, is pleased to announce the public launch of its intelligent corporate wellness solution LiveSmiles, in collaboration with global launch partner Microsoft.

LiveSmiles is a customisable out-of-the-box wellness solution that incorporates LiveTiles Design, LiveTiles Intelligence, LiveTiles Bots and Hyperfish, and was created as part of the Company’s commitment to driving social impact and wellness within the workplace.

Launched with the support of Deloitte Australia at their head office in Melbourne, the intelligent wellness solution was unveiled by LiveTiles co-founder Peter Nguyen-Brown and expert speakers in health and wellbeing, AFL Hall-of-Fame inductee Paul Salmon and founder of The Burnout Project Dr. Amy Imms.

The announcement follows a joint event last month with Microsoft Australia’s Managing Director Steven Worrall and Microsoft employees to support the use of LiveSmiles and promote the adoption of the solution as part of Microsoft’s continued investment into the health and wellbeing of their people.

LiveSmiles was made available to all LiveTiles customers from 25 June 2019 as part of World Wellbeing Week 2019, and made available to all other organisations through a registration process on the LiveTiles website.

What does this wellness solution entail?

LiveSmiles will incorporate key features such as an artificial intelligence-powered Bot Assistant, data analytics and insights, as well as real-time recommendations to managers on how to improve engagement and understanding of wellness of employees. Available on a freemium model, the solution opens up LiveTiles to growth opportunities across enterprise customers.

Built on top of the core LiveTiles product suite, LiveSmiles offers customers the ability to tailor their content and employee experience through native LiveTiles functionality.

LiveTiles co-founders Peter Nguyen Brown and Karl Redenbach

LiveSmiles will see LiveTiles to work with and build significant links with government, top tier strategy consulting firms, health organisations, community and traditional LiveTiles partners as the Company promotes and expand the awareness of wellness and LiveSmiles.

Research from the Global Wellness Institute found that the wellness industry is one of the fastest emerging markets in the Western World, worth a total of $4.2 Trillion with 12.8% Growth from 2015-2017 – almost twice the rate of the global economic growth.

The creation of LiveSmiles demonstrates LiveTiles’ commitment to expanding its reach of intelligent workplace technologies into the enterprise market. LiveTiles is committed to consistently investing in customer value, as this drives strong engagement and retention outcomes.

What does this new solution mean for the company?

Peter Nguyen-Brown, Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer, LiveTiles, said, “LiveSmiles was born out of our company’s desire to have a positive impact with customers beyond our workplace technologies and into areas where humanity can really benefit.

“LiveSmiles delivers organisations an enterprise grade digital tool, enabled by LiveTiles and Microsoft technologies, to engage their employees around wellness. We look forward to supporting wellness outcomes for thousands of employees and welcoming new and existing customers.

“Delivering positive social impact is aligned with shareholder value and our Board and employees are excited to bring this to market”.

Jenny Hicks, Health, Safety & Wellness Manager, Microsoft Australia, said, “LiveSmiles is an exciting new solution which we plan to feature in our recently launched Microsoft Technology Centre (MTC) in Sydney, a solution that organisations can freely install as a vehicle for their employee well being initiatives.

“Microsoft has been working with the LiveTiles team over the past 12 months to bring this to fruition and we look forward to further supporting them in launching LiveSmiles to further the cause of workplace health and well being.”