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Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. How far away are 3D printers that are really food replicators? [VIDEO]


Don’t like to cook? Well, soon it may be possible to have your own Star Trek-esque food replicator in your kitchen.

NASA has recently funded one entrepreneur with a $125,000 grant to create a prototype ‘universal food synthesiser’ or, a food replicator.

3D printing pizzas as been considered viable for a while but, what will this 3D printed food be made of?

It’s not going to be quite what you expect. That is, it won’t be cheese, dough and pepperoni. Chances are it’s going to be printed out something that is considered to be food-ish. Yes, make that your new word of the week – food-ish.

This means a 3D food printer will use high nutrient base foods that have a long shelf-life, which is essential for astronauts, hence the NASA grant. This food-ish base will be created from seeds, grains, grasses and, probably, insects.

It’s a great step forward in the world of sustainable food creation and, 3D printing and food replicators.

Mmmmm, tasty cricket and grasshopper pizza!

3D printed food, coming soon?