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How to quickly create web content [FREE WEBINAR]


Here’s a factoid that might surprise you.

According to a recent HubSpot report, a business with a blog will, on average, attract 12 times more traffic and three times more leads than its equivalent industry competitor. That’s right. Web content brings traffic and business.

Who’da thunk it! (This should not be surprising.)

If you want to be found, liked, shared and trusted online you need to do more than create a pretty website. You need to educate, inform and build rapport through… you guessed it… content creation.

That’s why we’re hosting this upcoming webinar, with international content creation super-star Roger Courville, on this very topic. [CLICK HERE]

But content creation is hard, right?

Not anymore.

Join Roger as he shares simple tips and tools that anybody can use to increase their digital footprint, attract more traffic, get more leads and attract more customers and clients.

Plus, learn how to monetise that content! That’s right. Build it. Sell it.

  • Here are four things you will learn in this interactive webinar:
  • How to get content created when you don’t have the time
  • The fastest way to figure out what your market will pay for
  • Four licensing ideas to get more money out of your work
  • The one thing you have to put in your contracts

Register for the complimentary webinar with Roger Courville [CLICK HERE]

Get the Web Mistakes Cheat Sheet AND HubSpot report.

When you register to attend using the linked form on Anthill, we’ll automagically send you a business report on the Top 5 Most Insanely Dumb Mistakes made by Rookie and Seasoned Business Owners.

For a limited time, we’ll also send you the HubSport report, which demonstrated, once and for all, the awesome power of content.

Just click this link and get started.

What is the UndieEmpire Webinar Series?

In early 2011, with the help of Citrix, Anthill held its first ever webinar: “How to build a global empire in your underpants.”

Let’s just say that the concept was… well… sticky.

It resonated with Anthill’s passionate and proactive audience of business builders and attracted the attention of entrepreneurs and innovators, from far and wide, to satisfy a common desire.

This series was developed to help business builders find new ways to perform the ‘old’ fundamentals of business… in their underpants.

And, every now and then, our good friends at Citrix are able to pin down and hog tie an amazing international presenter to meet our audience.

Roger Courville is the chief “Aha!” guy at the 1080 Group and contributing author to The Business Expert’s Guide to Small Business Success. He was also the star of Anthill’s very first webinar, in March 2011.

What do I need to do? [REGISTER]

Simply click the link below, follow the prompts and you’ll be reminded of the upcoming event – plus you’ll be sent login details!

Here’s the link: https://anthillmagazine.leadpages.net/roger-coureville/

When: November 14, 1pm
Where: At your laptop
Cost: Complimentary

P.S. All those outdated and limiting ideas you had about content creation… it’s too hard, I’ll leave it up to my marketing manager, it’s something for journalists… check it at the door. It’s time to publish or perish. Click here to join the MIcro-Content Revolution.