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How to become an unofficial Olympic YouTube sensation by stealth [VIDEO]


Who’s that cheeky bloke behind the Queen?

After realising he was on camera, and being beamed across the planet, the guy standing to the right behind the Queen realises the top of his head is cut off in the shot. He slowly, sneakily bends his knees so the glory of his full head of hair is included in the footage.

A wonderful smile follows.

So, who is he?

He is Phil Coates, the son of the head of the Australian Olympic Committee, John Coates.

Clocking up more than 28,000 views since the Opening Ceremony, he is Australia’s real Olympic star. And, the honorable winner of the unofficial Olympic YouTube Sensation award for 2012.

It’s the kind of shenanigans that you expect from a nation that has this as its unofficial National Anthem; and I must add it’s some damn good advertising from Telstra.

We do come from a land down under.

Hats off to Mr Phil Coates. Well played Sir, well played.

Sneaky squat behind the Queen at the Opening Ceremony – Phil Coates

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