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Robot built to fetch inventors beer


It can sometimes be a difficult task deciding whether or not to include a particular clip in our weekly Beer O’Clock newsletter (The Best and Worst of Anthill TV).

While the mandate might seem simple — the video needs to be about innovation, invention, creativity and/or entrepreneurship (the values we hold dear) — the selection process actually involves a surprisingly complex number of considerations, such as balance, educational content, local relevance, chuckle-factor and good taste.

That’s why it was pleasing to stumble across this short clip at 4:22 this afternoon. It’s in such good taste, I find myself quite thirsty. Happy Friday Anthillians!

Beer Fetching Robot by Willow Garage

The invention was the product of Willow Garage, which decided to use its third summer hackathon to make every hackers dream a reality. The Willow Garage hackathon starts on a Monday and ends with a demo on Friday afternoon. This year, the participants were rewarded in the most obvious way… with a cold and refreshing brew.