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Post your pitch video on the Anthill website


We’re trialling something new. Reader generated videos!

Essentially, we’ve adapted a new YouTube product, created for news organisations and other media outlets, called YouTube Direct. This new APIwill allow us to request, review and rebroadcast reader videos that meet our editorial guidelines. While we have plenty of exciting plans for the technology, we couldn’t pass up the following super-logical place to start.

Let us publish your pitch!

Every day, we are sent clever, informative, sometimes funny pitch videos by new and entrepreneurial organisations. Sadly, before now, we haven’t known what to do with them!

Do you have a ‘pitch video’, ‘rave reel’ or other form of digital media that you store on YouTube or could easily upload to YouTube? If you do, we’re creating a place on our site where you can showcase the spoils of your toils to our highly entrepreneurial (and influential) community.

Sure, it might blow up in our faces.

But it could also trigger a new wave of idea dissemination – from reader captured live event footage to reader video blogs.

We’re sure you’ve sometimes paused and thought, ‘I have something worth saying! But I don’t have the time to write it down.’ Or, ‘I really should be capturing this event on my iPhone. But where would I post it?

Now, in the not too distant future (if this experiment works out), you’ll be able to simply flick on your webcam and share that view. Or pop open that camera-phone and share that special moment.

Do the videos need to meet high production standards?

Of course not.

They need to simply and effectively articulate your message.

If you have a video that you’d like to share, all you need to do is click on the link below and then follow the instructions.

If it reflects our ever changing criteria, your video will be uploaded through YouTube and passed into our moderation system.