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Small is the new ‘black’… again


Throughout the ’90s and Noughties the trend in technology was to get devices as small and lightweight as possible. This trend then suddenly reversed as huge advances in computing power and capabilities infiltrated portable technologies, such as your mobile phone. Larger screens were needed to display mind blowing graphics and to help uses connect with new, largely online tools. As a result, handsets and laptops had to become bulkier to accommodate the hardware to run complex and memory-hungry operating systems and software. The most prominent exception to this in recent years has been Apple’s MacBook Air.

Obviously, the advent of the iPad is heralding demand for ever-more portable computers. And it would appear that the brains at LG believe that small is once again beautiful with the release of its ultra lightweight X300 notebook: so lightweight in fact that you can tape it to a wall.

Will it take off? I’m not sure, but I’d rather trade the shoulder ache from lugging my 15inch laptop around with eyesight issues from squinting at a screen I can barely make out.